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I really hate the attitude that is often sent with it also.

As far as who to blame well it is interesting to me that in sports and in life winners often look inward over a defeat. They look at what they can change. However in this game many look outward and want to blame the engineer or the MM. Just a very interesting observation.
Many of us have been playing the game for several years now and have experienced the many stages of the MM. I am one that 'looks outward' instead of inward and view it as quite warped. Yes we can all look inward and warp our clans to adapt to whatever the current level of absurdity it happens to be, but you're missing the point. I can practice FC's all day long with clanmates. I can hit 8's and lower with my 9, I could hit 9's and lower with my 10 (when I had one). I can hit 9's with my 11, which happens in actual wars far more than I ever could have imagined when matching engineer clans. Or I can hit 10's with my 11. And here's the part that you seem to have trouble understanding, there is no enjoyment in doing so. If that's what is required to win wars then count myself and many others out because frankly, it's just stupid. There was a time when sandbagging wasn't prevelant and that's when wars were fun. Forgive us if we haven't yet forgotten those times.

And yes, we do participate in league wars which are hands down more enjoyable than regular wars.