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    Quote Originally Posted by NightFury100 View Post
    After upgrading to BH7, I will build new buildings and upgrade my star lab and barracks. Gold mines and elixir collectors will be one of my earliest upgrades. And of course I want to upgrade my builder machine.
    New buildings, elexier storage (for army camp), army camp and upgrade star lab (e.g. for lvl 14 barbs or babys) are on my priority list.

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    New Army Camp (If available) + Multi-Mortar to lvl 7 for Gear Up on Main.
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    Army camp, barrack and lab.

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    Crusher as everyone will max barbs first its compulsory.

    And cannon cart in lab as it's currently the best troop in the game.

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    There is no spoon....

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    I am calling it now, 2 camps of drop ships and 3 of minions will be so over powered.

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    A camp should be there

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