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    Already account ios

    Guys I wanted to go back to playing on my account, connected to android, but now i have an iphone, i try to "connect device" but with my big surprise tells me that my account has already been linked to an ios account, how can i fix it ? I have access to the android account data and the game itself through android, I repeat, but I would like to play with the iphone. Thanks to everyone in advance

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    U should message support and they will help u. You will have to show proof that u own the account. Like clan, card lvl, account lvl etc.

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    Yes, i can, what is the support email? how long do they respond?

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    Pls help, what is the mail?

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    Here Is How you can Transfer your game from Android To iOS (and Vice Versa):

    First, Make sure that the game want to transfer is connected to your account (depends on the platforms you're using, Check Android or iOS guide for it).
    On Device A (the device you want to transfer to another device) open the game, go to the game setting and choose "Link Device"
    Choose "this is the Old device
    Choose "I want to link to another device". then a code (12 characters) appear on the screen.
    on the Device B (the device you want to add your game progress to it) open the game, go to the game setting and choose "Link Device"
    Choose "this is the new device"
    a small box appear, you have to enter the code that you got from device A here. then your game from your old device will be linked to your new device.

    the code you get from Device A has a timer on it and will get expired. If it get Expired, you can't use that code anymore but you can always get a new code by repeating the process.
    Please keep that in mind in order to be able to link the game to another device, on the device B, you should not progress into the game (reaching level 6) and you should not make any purchases for that game account, if you do it, that game will be permanently linked/connected to your account on device B and can't be replaced by another game account from device A with linking device feature. If you do that you can't link your old game to that account and you need a new fresh account and game for it on Device B.

    In order to get a fresh new game, do these steps:

    On android devices:

    uninstall the game or Go to your device settings>apps>Clash Royale and choose clear data(you will lose your current game progress if it's not connected to a Google Account)
    create and add a new Google account to your device setting>accounts.
    Install the game again
    open the game and choose the new Google account, play just few battles.
    now you can link your game progress to this new game account.

    On iOS devices:

    Factory reset your device (that's the only way, if you don't want to lose your data, make a back up before factory reset)
    Don't use your old apple ID, Make a new apple ID and log into game center.
    Download the game.
    open the game and Play few battles.
    Now you can link your game to this new game account.
    if you want to get your previous data, factory reset your device again.
    Use your old apple ID and recover your data.
    Log into game center and download the game.
    Now in order to change your accounts and play the game progress you want, all you need to do is login to game center with the account you want to play with. After that open the game, a message will show up saying do you want to load this account? Ignore the warning (since both game progresses are now connected to different Apple IDs and you will not lose anything), type CONFIRM and press OK
    Here is a thread about how to contact Supercell Support:
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