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Thread: Lv 30 looking for active nh

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    Lv 30 looking for active nh

    Was in a neighbourhood that was also a facebook group that im in but theyre not active in the derbys anymore and have gone down to novice league because it was just me doing them, i did do all 7 tasks. I want a neighbourhood thats active and friendly that speaks english and will help me out if need be and for me to do the same, i only started a month 1/2 ago and not sure how to look up good neighbourhoods myself! Thankyou

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    Hi we would love to have you in our neighborhood!
    New York Market
    tag #8V2VORPR

    Come join us!

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    Hi from Muddy Pumpkins Community,

    A new neighbourhood which is designed to be relaxed, friendly and stress free for adults.

    Play the game your way.

    We will be playing the derby, however there will NOT BE ANY DERBY PRESSURE OR STRUCT RULES.

    Opt in or Opt Out. It's your choice.

    If you opt in the derby just do what you can, try your best and do your best to complete your tasks so that we can earn rewards and hopefully progress.

    Low value tasks will be trashed, however no strict minimum value rules, we will just see how it goes and get a level that everyone is happy and comfortable with.

    If you do not wish to take part in the derby, that's fine, then opt out to make it fair for those who are taking part.

    As a new neighbourhood we will be starting our first derby in the Rookie League.

    Created by UK members, we welcome adults to our neighbourhood and currently have a mix of UK and US members.

    This is a new neighbourhood which is steadily growing, so it may be a little slow at first, but be please be patient and help the community to continue to grow.

    The aim is to build a nice, friendly community, with a good range of levels who are courteous, respectful and help each other to enjoy the game and hopefully it will be fun along the way.

    Happy to make higher level players elders so they can assist with managing tasks. Just ask if you would like to do this, but again it's your game and your choice.

    Muddy Pumpkins Community

    Blue Dog on yellow square

    Come, join and give us a try.


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    We would be happy to have you... Take a look at our thread...

    Star Dew Farms - The Friendliest Low Stress Derby Neighborhood!!!

    Come Join us at Star Dew Farms!
    Blue Fox Purple background

    We are a chatty, relaxed friendly derby neighborhood that derbies for horseshoes!

    ***Derby participation is NOT required! Read below for requirements we do have ***

    The Do's and Don'ts of our neighborhood:


    - Be a chatty neighbor!
    - Be 18 years of age or older
    - Do the required amount of tasks for the week if you are opted into the derby!
    - Speak English FLUENTLY
    - Opt out if you wish not to participate or cannot finish all required tasks!
    - Be friendly and helpful, as others will be to you!
    - Share and say please and thank you
    - Have Fun!!!

    * If any member completes tasks below the amount required then they will be spoken to before Derby ends. If
    they still haven't completed required tasks once the Derby has ended then they will automatically be
    removed and unable to claim prizes from that Derby.
    Anyone wanting to complete more than the required amount of tasks can feel free to do so but please don't
    complain that others are doing less than you


    -Be greedy
    - Be a moocher
    - Cause any drake
    - Have broken English... Chatting & comunication is important
    - Be quite... We're a chatty nh
    - Be rude to fellow neighbours
    - Not finish all required tasks

    * If any of the above don't rules are broken then members will firstly be warned then removed if the problem persists.

    Clarification Regarding the Derby:
    - The required number of tasks will vary depending on how many people are opted
    into the derby. Many hands make light work!
    - The amount of task's required will be announced at the start of each derby.
    (The calculation for this will be listed below)
    - Only 300+ point tasks are allowed
    - All members are at least elder status to help trash low level tasks
    - We only require everyone to work toward all horseshoe goals. We usually end up
    getting a top 3 placing in the process.
    - If someone does not complete the required amount of tasks required of each
    person, they will be removed right before the derby ends and then allowed back
    into the neighbourhood.

    Derby task calculation;
    Points required to gain all horse shoe prizes ➗ Num of players opted in ➗ 300 (min score of each task) = Min amount of tasks to be completed each

    Must be level 40 to join! (slightly negotiable depending on circumstances)
    So if you want a no stress, friendly derby neighborhood with great neighbors and fun times, come see us at Star Dew Farms!

    Blue Fox
    with a Purple Shield

    Feel free to message the Leader or a Co-Leader via KIK if you have any questions!
    Leader: SophiieJanee123
    CoLeaders: CheshireAlice88, Shreeharshask

    *We will consider 1-2 more co-leader positions within the neighborhood as the we grow

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    Hey Kat!

    Looks like you have some good options. Where are you from?

    Right now we are level 35+ (I can lower the level to let a good player in).

    At 7 members, we're ridiculously active, helpful, chatty, and... adult. We goof off quite a bit!

    Feel free to stop in for a day or two, see how you like it.

    Natalie (Wonderfarm)

    Geeks Tag: #8JC09L8P
    Facebook ~ Recruitment thread
    An Adults-only hood for the delightfully geeky! Accepting derby players level 35+
    Salacious - arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination (webster's definition)
    Geek-A curious badass (my personal definition)

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    I'm looking for members for my neighborhood who ready to win derbies and level up by helping other farmers out we right now it's a open invitation but soon we will be doing invites only we want to make sure everyone having fun no group jumpers and no fighting are you ready to make a championship neighborhood if you are ready to be apart of something great search for "LET'S GET IT KARKEN" WE WILL BE WAITING. FOR YOU Tag#9PURRYP9

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    Check out my recruitment ad currently on page 2 of Neighborhood Recruitment. Titled "Looking to help breed.......". Make sure to scroll down to comments below my ad as I have made some changes since the original posting

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    Hi there! Farm Club is looking for Hay Day lovers, who are active and interested in playing in the derby! We would love to add more people who enjoy chatting, helping each other out, kicking butt in the derby, and having fun. There's only 9 spots left, so join us while you can! Tag: #8VP98J0P (that 0 is a zero, not an O)

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