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    Base Design Winners

    Congratulations to all our winners, and everyone who participated, voted and checked out the amazing amount of entries. This contest was a ton of fun! Who wants to have another? -=D

    Check out all our finalists here:

    Third Place with 4k votes:

    Lord Lucius of the ADAMANTIUM X Clan and his Space Invaders base.

    Second Place with 4.2k votes:

    - 7cVortex of 5150 Clan and his 3D base.

    First Place with 4.7k votes:

    JRUSSWALK of the Onslaught Clan and his "Megaman" base!

    Clash Team Pick:

    Clash team voted and The Butterfly won by 1 vote Congrats CLAN MAXIMUS!!

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    no one is perfect. i am no one. there I=perfect
    Oooh nice bases also will the clash team pick be from the fb page or from the forums?
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    Can't see the winner nice bases though. Didn't get to enter mine, shame!

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    Quote Originally Posted by theangryryno View Post
    Can't see the winner nice bases though. Didn't get to enter mine, shame!
    Heres the winner
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    Walls are mainly cycological
    This post.

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    Congratulations to all the winners! Creative designs indeed!
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    Wink Thank you! So much!

    I am Third place! Wow thank you guys so much for you likes, and thank you so much SUPERCELL! for this opportunity. I have now my 1500 gems. I'm still stunned T.T

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Lord Lucius.

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    Congrats Winners

    Congrats to all you winners nice creativity.. Clash on with your newly acquired gems.
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    Congrats guys.

    I managed to get in the top 10 which was pleasing...but got a fair bashing on FB for it.
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    Thank you Clash of Clans!

    Thank you for the gems. Congrats to the other finalists. Love the game. Keep up the good work and clash on!!! 👍
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    Thank you Supercell for the contest and the 2,000 gems.
    Thank you everyone else for the votes and support!

    I am very excited and did not expect my base to be so successful

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