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Thread: Newish TH10 Looking for Mature US-Based FWA Clan

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    Newish TH10 Looking for Mature US-Based FWA Clan

    The title pretty much says it. Prior FWA experience. I'm chill and want a chill clan. I have an FWA-approved layout ready to show when joining. Will be looking to join in a day or two. Thanks!

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    { Recruiting } Level 13 Adult Farming/War Clan [ War Score - 360/ 53/ 10 ] 💪✌👍

    Check us out! "Muskie tears" a level 13 Adult farming / war clan looking for strong Town hall 9s and 10s and 11s. Mention "Forum" , age, location and my name when you apply ( because only then you'll be accepted , we don't accept players from global ) Clan Tag :- #PJ8Q00QJ. Our war score :- 360 Wins/52 Losses/10 Draws ! We are a simple yet awesome clan! We don't use any special messaging app to talk, we don't tell you to fill up a form or application to join, Just apply properly and If you get accepted then war, donate, talk and chill out because it's just a game. ✌ { THIS IS THE CLAN YOU WERE LOOKING FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE! }
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