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Thread: Defending against the surround and pound attack....

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    Yes, I use Kavan ice shield, too.

    I very often get the victory without leaving intel, too...but I have to stress that *it's because of very poor defense setup*!

    I get hit by warriors a lot, but I will get kickback 9 out of 10 times, although they usually win, and that's all I need to be happy! lol

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    A lot of these defense ideas are nullified by Kavan ice shields. Because ice shields deflect any cannon, bc, dc shot, they don't have a chance to hurt my warriors if I reactivate ice shields every 3-5 seconds.

    Because of ice shields, my warrior losses are 0 or close to 0, so often I don't leave any intel, which actually makes me feel bad sometimes.

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    Great...just what I wanted to hear....

    Well, I've started upgrading my Warriors and guess I'll start work on the doc as well. I maxed Everspark and her Critter power already, tanks, medics, artillery, barrage, smoke, flare, and scorchers so....
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    Unfortunately this game is designed to not be able to set your base up to defend against all attack strategies. If you set your base up to defend against tanks you'll just get walked all over by warriors. Set your base up to defend against warriors and you'll just get steam rolled by Tmed. Try and balance your base to defend against both just to have a fighting chance if either attacks you and they'll just endless reserve switch to CRZM and effortlessly flatten your base while half drunk and half asleep. I love endless reserve, but there is that one huge downside to it. Before ER people thought twice about switching load outs because it took time and their boosts would run out if they switched too much. Now there is no downside or wait time to switching troop combos. The just scout your base and see what combo is needed, switch troops, wreck your base. Wash rinse repeat. As much as we love endless reserve for those of us that use it I really dont think it was good for the overall game in the grand scheme of things. But it was a good business move by SC.

    The only, and I mean only, way to truly ever defend your base consistently is to become an ice fairy and run very specific prototype weapons. There is a reason why almost every single base at the top of leaderboards looks identical. If you have no ice at all prototypes won't even help stand zero chance against an attack unless you get hit by someone much much lower than you or someone who just has no clue what they are doing. In boom beach offense is way more powerful than defense. No matter what you do there will always be a weak spot in your base. If you are going to continue to play this game your base getting merked is just something you'll have to learn to get use to. Just get in the habit of spending all of your resources before logging off. That's all you can do.
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