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Thread: 20,000 Member Tournament Sharing Community

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    20,000 Member Tournament Sharing Community

    Hello everyone! I have always been in search of a community that shares Clash Royale tournaments and have been unsuccessful. I searched on Reddit, Facebook, and the Clash Royale forum. A few groups do exist on Facebook and the Clash Royale forum has a tournament posting area but neither are very active.

    What is one to do when something doesn't really exist? Create something! I've taken the initiative in creating a place for all Clash Royale fans and tournament players to come together. I do gift card giveaways every new 1000 members.

    So look no further! I've created a group using a free social media like app called BAND. The group is called "Clash Royale Tournaments Daily" or simply join with the link

    This group is the most active place I've ever seen for tournament postings. We share 100, 200, and 1000 player tournaments along with bracket tournaments. Anyone is welcome to join and help post active tournaments for the Clash Royale community. I also host exclusive BAND member tournaments and giveaways. We are 20,000 members strong and growing every day! I hope to see you all there! Please spread the word to your friends, family, and clan mates!

    Thanks everyone!
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    We just broke 21,000 Members! This weekend I'll be hosting a 500 Gem Tournament and top 2 Win Gift cards!

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    We’re now up to 22,000 Members and growing every day! Join up for daily tournaments!

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    hello your link has an error and ah been blocked by etb

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    thanks, good group.

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