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    Support Request

    I would rather an answer to my problem #961724 logged on the 7th October than a Halloween theme. Since then I have also had an additional 6 diamonds stolen.

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    Love the fog around the farm! Thanks for the Halloween decorations! But how does the new event works?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanaDoodle43 View Post
    My new updated HayDay won't load!! Hope you fix it soon...I'd like to play it!
    Quote Originally Posted by MathewWang2012 View Post
    OMG, same here! Absolutely dying for the update!
    Quote Originally Posted by GirlMixALot View Post
    So excited, yet download won't start..damn. Servers are running hot I guess.
    Me too
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    Quote Originally Posted by dswhite View Post
    I would rather an answer to my problem #961724 logged on the 7th October than a Halloween theme. Since then I have also had an additional 6 diamonds stolen.
    If you have lost diamonds, please refer to this FAQ post:


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    OH WOW SC! I love the fog! The new decorations look great and I'm loving this new personal event goal (the DD is looking better already) The animals are looking awesome in their new outfits

    ...just one question, how come my decoration tree's (pine and leafy tree's) haven't turned a different colour like on some other farms? Not a complaint just an observation hehe

    Thanks SC this is amazing

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    I love the animals costumes and appreciate the change in event format. However, to charge diamonds for 4 of the 6 new decorations is extremely disappointing. I would have loved the spooky tree and the new fence type but I won't spend my diamonds on them. 20 for a tree is silly but 2 diamonds per tiny fence post is utterly ridiculous.

    I purchase diamonds and have spent approx $70 on them over the past year so I feel I am entitled to express my disappointment in this regard, especially when we still don't have a diamond confirmation button (and I HAVE lost diamonds because of that)

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    And still no diamond confirmation! I don't care about seasonal decorations

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    The soup xp for the boat has decreased significantly

    before the update, a cargo asking for 2 seafood soup is worth 500 xp or more (570 or 590 i forgot). Now it only gives 200 xp. So is tomato soup. I dont know about lobster soup havent got boat asking for lobster soup.

    I dont like this update.
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    The Halloween deco... is fantastic.. congrats!
    I love those cows...

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    I love the update nice. I really like the halloween trees & the fall colored ones too in the fishing area. Too bad you can't buy them . Also the animals look cute in their costumes haha and the fog looks nice. It will be interesting to see how the new community event thing will work.

    Also I would like to be able to control the audio levels separately not just an off or on, but be able to adjust them as I want the music to be louder then the effects, no way to do that currently.
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