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Thread: Most requested features in one

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    Add: Player tag lookup issue - A problem with Os

    Supercell accepts player look ups with either a Zero or O in their player tag and returns the exact same data... Accepting both is fine, but shouldn't return separate tags on a player look up. It should return their true player tag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartijnHoekstra View Post
    With 'this' I believe you refer to the building part??
    Where did you learn this decision of SC?

    I imagine that solely on the CC en Camp details, war weighting is not possible to be calculated.

    But on a second note
    I really am unable to think of any possibility to make engineering worse having 'this'.
    What you get in the Player Building response, is what the player already has built.
    How is that player in any way able to engineer his base better? He cant remove buildings.
    Could be abused to find out exact formula.

    But I'm still liking it, that way we can write our own MMs and SC can adapt to this

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    Quote Originally Posted by WernerDerChamp View Post
    Could be abused to find out exact formula.
    Okay.. but what can one do with the exact formula?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartijnHoekstra View Post
    Okay.. but what can one do with the exact formula?

    But it was already possible to manually gather the data and work out the formula for gun weights. But it's not an easy thing to do - you need to guess the methodology then probably write software to find the solution (I'm not sure any stats package would cope with the rather odd situation). I can't see gathering data more easily would actually mean many more people manage it. In many ways gathering the data is already the easy step.
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    What I really like to see is the attack time. Either in actual time or relative to the war's start or end time.

    Now we only have the order and that's not enough for us.

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    While I'd appreciate extract buildings info (eg army, defenses levels) I agree that it would increase engineers manipulation.

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    I am starting to think more and more that I am the dumb/stupid guy.. so please help me?!

    Troubles I have in: understanding why obtaining information of already built buildings, could increase engineering.

    In an analogy; I have heared similar discussions, looking at Self-Scan-Registers in Supermarkets.
    One of the first comments I hear: "Oh, but that would let more people start steeling!"

    Also there I have troubles because: For steeling items from a supermarket, one person does NOT need a register at all.
    Only a long coat with deep pockets is just enough.

    The same I believe is true here. One does NOT need the API to create engineered towns. Only a website which tells you what buildings to build or not. And building these he would just need the game itself. (And once this person has built those buildings, he could use the API to see what he had built).
    So in this case: that "long coat with deep pockets" is already out there on the internet; all the websites talking about war weights.

    So please.. help me in understanding why you all keep making these comments? What am I not seeing?
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