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    Builder is Back!

    They say you never know how much you’ve lost until it’s gone. Our villages have been in chaos without Builder to set things proper. However, it seems our cries for help to restore order have been answered.

    The Builder is back!!!

    Yes, Chief, you read that right. Builder, Hero of the Hammer, Imperator of Improvements, and Regent of Reconstruction has returned and we are honoring his arrival with a celebration.

    Being Builder is a tough job and hopefully we now realize just how much he actually did for us every single day. So what better way to celebrate his return than having three Clashiversary special events available at the same time?

    During this week, you will have access to the following units:

    Barbarian’s Battle Ram (balanced!)
    • The Battle Ram can be purchased from the Barracks
    • Battle Ram stats have been balanced! The Battle Ram's new favorite target is now walls (deals 4x damage).
    • TH 11 Battle Ram: damage 384, HP 300 (Barbarians: damage 30, HP 125)
    • TH 1 Battle Ram: damage 115, HP 90 (Barbarians: damage 9, HP 37)

    Giant’s Surprise
    • Startle your opponents’ attacks when a Giant emerges from destroyed Builder Huts and helps defend your village

    Wizard’s Boom Spell
    • Can be brewed in the Spell Factory
    • Duration: 2 seconds
    • Range: 2.5 tile radius
    • Damage: 232 to 400 (+28 damage per TH level)
    • Does 30% less damage to Town Halls

    But what’s a celebration without gifts? With the purchase of the special 500 gem package you will get a commemorative statue honoring the return of Builder that can be placed in your Village! At least the villagers won’t be able to destroy this...

    Clash On!
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    The builder is back

    welcome back builder, we missed u so much!!

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    The Builder is Back and All the Fun Once again!

    The Builder is back
    And Also the all Awsome Event Teasers

    Battle Ram!
    Defending Giants!
    And Birthday Boom Spell!

    What's your Reaction. Is it good?
    All of the things We enjoyed since the last month are once again here together for 7 days.

    Let's Celebrate
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    It's such a shame he brought the battle rams back with him. Would have preferred the normal cycle of troop/spell events to return, but at least we only have to endure another week of 'fun'.

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    All the things we enjoyed. Not much, just glad the shrink work is not there. I'm glad they probably listened to feedback on that one..
    Em was hoping it would all get back to normal TBH.

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    dumbest Supercell event ever?
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    Please just return to normal troop/spell events next week, no more kiddy fun please.

    Edit: I don't really see the builder value pack being "2x value" it's the same price as 500 gems anyway. That is misleading your customers a bit, it would be better to say 'purchase 500 gems at the normal price and get a free statue of the builder', it is certainly not 500 gems for the cost of 250, which is what 2x value implies.
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    yeah i know, i expected way more things, but who knows? supercell might add other things eventually, kinda like how cr devv team does with dropping a new card every two weeks

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    Wow regular events were better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honu View Post
    dumbest Supercell promo ever?
    Lol, we're starting off swinging on this one.

    I didn't complete either of these events with these novelties. I didn't even bother cooking a single one of those spells. If gems didn't even get me to use this stuff, another week of it isn't going to get me to.

    Thank you for not bringing back the shrink spell.
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