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    Exclamation Account banned after a misunderstanding with Support

    I just recently had asked if my account/town were to be deleted in the "Can I delete my village?" section and instead of removing my village or my account I was just completely banned from CoC all together so now I have had to revert to CoC forums.

    My account name is the same as this name and my XP level is 9 and my Town Hall level is 4
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    Just start a new account. You can be to th4 in a few days.

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    You account was banned on users's request. It was just a th4. Just create a new one instead of resolving your problem with support which may take few days.

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    A th4? lol

    You'll spend more time waiting for a reply than just creating a new one

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    Discussing bans here is not permitted - and nobody here can help you anyhow.
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