A lot has been written about the MM update. I don't know anymore how to feel about it. I guess many others are in the same boat. I was even so frustrated that I got 1 point deduction for bad language in the forums... and now I already don't know what to say.

Kind of comes really disappointing across when so many people in the forums try to defend the update (when in fact is was not good one). Why people cannot say the truth? I really do not understand 'experienced' players with comments on the forums which do not make sense.

Anyhow... I decided to give up complaining and play the game the way I can (taking into account all the obstacles. My clan is fair play. We do not have rushed bases. We definitely do not allow engineered ones. We think there is no fun in playing with engineered bases.

However, we match almost all the time with engineered clans. Maybe 4 out of 5 wars is against engineered. We did already 2 searches after the update... both against engineered clan. Both ridiculously uneven. I cannot show many details about the current war but below is the lineup. We are on the left side.

Maybe war weight is equal based on some algorithm. Maybe we do not develop our bases properly. Maybe there are people who can point out many reasons (I am sure some valid ones among the plenty invalid ones).

My point is... it is not fine that their nr.12 on the map 3 stars our nr.6. Where is the fun in this kind of playing the game? What has been fixed.

For us who play fair the game this is really disappointing

1. TH11 vs. TH11
2. TH11 vs. TH10
3. TH10 vs. TH10
4. TH10 vs. TH10
5. TH10 vs. TH10
6. TH10 vs. TH10
7. TH10 vs. TH10
8. TH9 vs. TH10
9. TH9 vs. TH9
10. TH9 vs. TH10
11. TH9 vs. TH10
12. TH9 vs. TH10
13. TH8 vs. TH10
14. TH8 vs. TH9
15. TH7 vs. TH7

Thank you for reading and for any comments. I do not expect any explanation... I just wanted to share my disappointment with the MM in Clash of clans. I think there many others who feel the same.