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Thread: Clan Castle at Town Hall 2

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    Question Clan Castle at Town Hall 2

    Hy. I saw some guys with Town Hall 2 and they had Clan Clastles. How this is possible? With gems? Or with money? How?

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    Maybe there is a TH2 pack? No idea.

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    If you buy the .99 resource pack at th2 you can get the cc as the only thing stopping cc construction is lack of funds

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    From what I've heard yes, they're exactly the same as any other member

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    Quote Originally Posted by suhasbhat26 View Post
    can they war?
    Well they have a clan castle so why not although who would want to go to war with a th2 base

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    I would def rush as th2. Keep war weight low to draw lower town halls....

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    I thought there was a clan of TH2s at some point for war.

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    Normally I don't think you can buy any resource packs at TH2 that include gold and elixir, but I think there was a special at one point that allowed folks to do this and exceed there normal storages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FebruarySpawn View Post
    I would def rush as th2. Keep war weight low to draw lower town halls....
    No. The best way to do town hall 2 (as posted by somebody a while ago, and is in a sig somewhere) is to go 1.5. Don't build the cannon.
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    I now have gone over $10,000 invested in this game.
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    Still less than what Charlie Sheen spends on hookers.

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