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Thread: Supercell wont help

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    Supercell wont help

    I am a clash player whos played for about 5-6 years now. Loved the game the whole time, but i lost my iphone and also lost my account. Simple fix right ask the good guys at supercell to help. When i message them asking for help THEY BAN ME FOR TRYING TO GET MY ACCOUNT BACK. I am FURIOUS. Youd think that people would matter to them but apparently not, i messaged them multiple times gave them everything they asked and yet nothing, instead they ban me. If anyone could help in any way id be in your debt.

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    How do you know if you have been banned if you don't have access to your account?

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    How are you playing this game for six years? This game just celebrated 5th year anniversary.

    To get your iphone or your account back then get it remotely by locating it.

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    Don't buy accounts, problem solved.

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    They banned your newly created account. Just create a use and throw account again and contact them till you get your account back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Freddytheguineapig View Post
    Don't buy accounts, problem solved.
    Where did he write that he bought an account?
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    I retired...#BlameHolpsy ;)
    5 years playing on an iPhone and never linked it to anything? Fishy...
    The official Nerf application just had it's newest addition... Bh complaints!
    still a work in progress though..

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    Im trying to link mine to google but wont, maybe he had the same

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    i got it when it came out (about a month late) i forgot it was the 5 year

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    i had my game center and my facebook on it but when i log into my game center on another iphone the load base option isnt there

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleggy View Post
    5 years playing on an iPhone and never linked it to anything? Fishy...
    That's was my first thought as well. I don't buy the OPs story.

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