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Thread: Por que?

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    Por que?

    Por que en las banderas nacionales no esta el pais chile? Hay algun problema racial con chile?

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    This site is for English speakers only

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    If I’m correct you’re wondering why there isn’t a chile flag, that’s because the game would become too large if they’d add every flag, it is stated somewhere but can’t find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laovo View Post
    Por que en las banderas nacionales no esta el pais chile? Hay algun problema racial con chile?

    Why there's no chilean flag in the national flags [in the store]? Is there any racial problem with chile?

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    Yes, Supercell clearly started this game up 5 years ago because they had a beef with Chile....

    Sorry, I thought it was funny...

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    There are 25 (?) national flags in the game, but something like 195 countries in the world. If they start adding more flags, where does it end? I think putting those initial flags in the game was a little shortsighted. It would be just fine by me if they removed them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strandwolfza View Post
    What a riduculous thing to say or even think tbere are many flags missing from the game the are limits to how many things can be included as the size of the game would be to big

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    Spanish-- Bienvenido a Foros OP .. aquí su único inglés .. me gustaría informarle que las banderas se dan en el juego anterior a partir de ahora se ha descartado ... ya que provoca datos de alta y pocos de ellos lo están utilizando como un Ventaja de comprarlos durante el siguiente nivel y luego venderlos para obtener algo de oro.Así que por favor asegúrese de que su nada con respecto al racismo o algo ... disfrutar del juego como todo el mundo dijo ... demasiadas banderas pueden causar demasiados datos ... y no es sólo la bandera chilena .. cualquier otro país está solicitando lo mismo que ha Han sido informados de la misma manera.
    espero que entiendas.

    English-- Welcome to Forums OP.. here its only english..i would like to inform you the flags are given in the earlier game as of now its been ruled out... as it causes high data and few of them are using it as an advantage of buying them during going to next th level and then selling them to get some gold..
    so please be ensured its nothing regarding racism or something... enjoy the game as everyone said... too many flags can cause too much data... and its not just chilean flag.. any other countries are requesting the same which has been informed in the same way..
    hope you understand.
    thank you!
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