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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximm View Post
    lol necro much?
    The way it's Appreciated time to time.... IT is Players right to comment and say their Opinion and review on this Thread about this Idea. Not really It's a Necro
    Cricket World Cup 2019 discussion thread!<^_^>

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    This is a great,well designed and interesting plan....i on behalf of mastermind request clash of clan developers to work on the plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmadhunte View Post
    I have a suggestion . It's revolves around creating a new hero.
    Baby Hero
    The cottage is a dwelling place for the King and the Queen. When you upgrade to Stage 5 it takes up to 10 days to upgrade to the new Hero
    And its promotions are 30 promotions
    To become Prince.
    His power is magic and anger.
    What the ♥♥♥♥ are you talking about

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    Wow you pulled a lot of efforts making it, it looks so great and amazing!!! I wish they would have actually added it

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    It's been a few years.

    Still a great concept.

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    Hope springs eternal!
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    Something finally getting added! (in the form of clan games)

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    Been coming back to this thread on and off for a few years now because I really liked this idea and would just like to congratulate Mastermind on all the work he's done. His idea's have been several years ahead of their time and it looks like SC have finally taken his work to heart and followed through in making some of those idea's a reality in their own way. Well done and good luck for the future bro, you definitely earned a commendation from SC if you ask me.

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    I was about to create a new thread about this, and I found this thread featured in the rules, I'd love to have a featured base for a specific duration for each th level to attack, like dr terror and his mega crab in boom beach.

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