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Thread: Nerf the Electro wizard.......

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    He does need some kind of nerf. Id say the spawn damage, its kinda rediculous.

    Put him togeather with the fubar inferno tower, and my 6 year old nephew can defend against most decks. I tried this deck out this weekend on a friends phone, 28 straight games with no losses. Despite never having played the deck before. Its truly the newb way of defending.

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    Agree that Electro Wizard is too strong. In 2v2 especially, if you face 2 of them it basically shuts down everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakite View Post
    28 straight games with no losses.
    Uh huh. And Im Santa.
    #Emotes4Life #1stFreeLegendary10/17/16TheLog #TheDankTaunter #PeopleBannedFromThisForumStillGetAngryOverTauntTh reads #Sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megatech10 View Post
    Explain how ewiz has about half of CCGS players using it and also how both infernos are above 10% Usage rate than. Edit: good job completing in the top 300!
    Did you see the win rate of E-wiz compared to inferno drag in the latest set? :P
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    Stuff u ewiz, I'm a arena 9 lavaloon player and I keep seeing the God damn card and end up losing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous98765 View Post
    Did you see the win rate of E-wiz compared to inferno drag in the latest set? :P
    True true. But the thing is it is a really small portion size (less than 20 games). The round 2 one is more accurate because the round actually finished and it will have many more games for the sample size. Check round 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by CompleteZ View Post
    Please no, ewiz does not need a buff. He is a low skill defensive card that is popular among lower skilled players because of his ability to easily correct for mistakes done on defense. If anything he needs a nerf (spawn zap REMOVED, moderate buff to damage). He's too versatile because of this spawn zap and frankly I'm utterly sick of seeing him every single 2v2 match.
    4 elixer. Keep that in mind. Its damage is pitiful. Its only use is stunlocking units to support large pushes. It is a Counter pushing card. The cost is 4, and using its zap means it will either kill them or die in the process. It halts golem but does not halt cards like, say, hog rider. I have a pekka deck. I love facing E-Wiz, it dies to everything.

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    Please donít nerf me again!

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    squee squee squee,,, squee squee squee,,, squee squee squee,,,
    Zap zap zap zap

    You no take electricity!

    Game as it stands needs name change to Clash Ebarbs!

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