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    Builder war

    Hii supercell i have a very good suggestion for builder base war. Let each clan has choosen 10 members for war. Each player will have 3 attacks to do on his opponent mirror base. Example- i am at no. 1 i can attack only on no. 1. Let us say i come online when war started i can do my attacks on no. 1 of opponent clan. Either all 3 at the same time or later before war ends . Then when opponent no. 1 will come he will also do attacks. But till war ends both players should complete thier 3 attacks each. Now winner will be decided just like in normal battles. Let in 1st attack i did 1 star and opponent did 2 star. In second i did 1 star with 30 percent he did 1 star and 49 percent. So score is 0-2 and he is like 3 match series. So builder war score is that way all players will compete thier attacks and winner will be decided in the end.If i have done my 3 attacks and opponent has did 2 attacks score till now is 1-1 then if opponent does not do his 3rd attack then it will be counted as 0 percent and i will be winner.But if score is already 0-2 then 3 rd attack will not matter
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