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Thread: Th5 attack strategy

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    Th5 attack strategy

    I just got th5 and my previous attack strategy doesn't work anymore. I have wizards. Please help me I'm losing trophies like crazy
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    Giants and archers and get someone to donate you lvl 6-7 balloons. Send 1 giant to check for defending CC troops. If there are none, send giants backed up by archers to target the air defense. Once that's down, drop loons targeting the second air defense or if there isn't one, the highest level Archer tower you see. Look for noob bases that have ADs outside of the walls or on the outside edges. The loons will wreck them.

    If you're lucky, the ADs will be under construction. In that case, drop 1 giant or archer to check for defending troops. Deal with them if they come out but if nothing does drop loons and watch the destruction.

    High level hogs work too but focus on mortars and point defenses instead of air defense.

    Farming is super easy at TH 5 and below if you're in a clan that you can get high level troops from on a regular basis. Hogs and loons (lvl 6+) are great farming troops at low THs. Often times you can wreck a base only using a single archer of your own (to check CC) A lot of clans don't operate this way but there are some out there. Global is not the best place to find one. If you need to find a good clan for donations to help you grow, post in the "I Need a Clan!" Sub-forum.

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    Thx this really helped me

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