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Thread: What's your BH Walls level

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    What's your BH Walls level

    I'm currently maxing BH5, with level 4 walls for now. What do you have as a f2p? Do you think they're too expensive?

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    They range from level 1 to level 3. They are overrated, imo.
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    I use them to dictate how opponent's troop will move.
    So level doesnt matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1jeffrey1 View Post
    They range from level 1 to level 3. They are overrated, imo.
    Overrated? Nobody ever said it's important to upgrade your walls in bb.

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    Level 2. Its the last thing I would spend gold on. Even stone walls get shredded from the bomber so waste of gold
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    Me walls are mostly level 3 which I'm now upgrading to 4.In awnser to your question yes I do personally feel that a level 5 wall at 800,000 a pop is expensive but then the hit points justify the cost.

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    mine are level 3 and 4(about half and half right now), but they are mostly used for funneling, however, they can resist lower level bombers, making them sort of vital still in funnel bases
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    Levels 1-2.


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    Dont know im lost again
    Mine are only lev3 walls on my bh6 but with the loot cap i would rather focus on upgrading defenses first and yes i know walls are defenses but you get what i mean

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    As F2P, I had 15 level 3 Walls and 9 level 4 Walls.
    I did spend all Gold at BH4 until all my troops are level 8.
    At BH5, I also did spent some Gold on level 4 Walls.

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