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Thread: What's your BH Walls level

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    My f2p mini is mostly level 3 with 1 level 2. My main is slightly better, with 3 level 4s and the rest 3s

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    Level 2 walls
    At ~4500 cups

    Walls dont matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annihilationguy View Post
    Walls dont matter
    Agreed - they are just somewhere to drop spare gold into if your stores would otherwise be full. That said, max walls can seriously slow up your ground attacks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhargav97 View Post
    Agree but hey, you're missing that level 1-3 walls will be destroyed by a maxed bomber (Spoiling your redirection) in one shot (even after his Big bomb ability) and later ones require more shots from a bomber (by which time he might get killed by another defense). So they do help but as you said firepower way more important.
    I never said they're worthless. I definitely will be upgrading them, but not now when I can only do 1-2 per day and have a level or two left on most of my defenses. I'm hoping for a raised loot cap so that it's not such a slow grind
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    Shhhhhhhh don't say walls suck / don't matter. SC will double their health and then force us all to upgrade walls.

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