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Thread: Is it good

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    Is it good

    I'v been playing this deck for a year almost and I dont even know is it good anymore...

    Arrows/zap (currently arrows)

    Im on 4142 rn

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    This has been a popular deck for a long time, if it still works for you than it's good.

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    Executioner was better that Bowler in the Night Witch/Bridge Spam/3 Musk meta, but Bowler does fare better against Seige decks, which are on the rise. But in most cases besides against Seige and Hog decks, the Executioner is the better defender. So you might want to keep that in mind

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    If you have been playing this deck for over a year and have been slowly progressing up with your trophies I would consider the deck to be good. The biggest weakness I see if lavaloon decks but you have some counters to it in here.

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