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    Quote Originally Posted by wostir View Post
    LC20 is capacity 24, you need HQ21/LC21/capacity 25 for the 5th Medic.
    ah yes, it's been a while :-) i stand corrected

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    You ever mix up Tmeds and add a couple of boats of Grens?

    Try that out.. It's pretty darn good. The Grens sit in the back and do good "forward damage".

    The other thing in this game you may/may not be aware is VP is used for Matchmaking. It is a value in this game that has ZERO bearing on what level you are, what level your troops/landing craft are. I'm really not sure why they decided to use it for match making but whatever..

    Are you seeing players many levels above you? Maybe you have played too much and accumulated to many VP's and need to drop some to get yourself some more manageable opponents.

    Overplaying this game has it's consequences.
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    By maxing each HQ do you mean that you are maxing out every defense and troop before you upgrade your HQ to the next level like you would in Clash of Clans? If that is the case then you are playing the wrong game. That is probably why it is not fun.
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