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Thread: Switching My Normal Deck - Should I do it?

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    Question Switching My Normal Deck - Should I do it?

    Ok, the balance changes have greatly affected my previous deck, so I decided to switch decks. I have a small problem because I levelled and requested my cards based on the previous deck, and now I'm kinda screwed?

    trophy range: about 3900

    Previous: Knight Graveyard
    Knight - Lvl 11
    Electro Wizard - lvl 2
    Bowler - lvl 5
    graveyard - lvl 2
    poison - lvl 5
    night witch - lvl 1
    cannon - lvl 11
    zap - lvl 12

    Current: Log Bait
    Princess - lvl 2
    the log - lvl 2
    knight - lvl 11
    inferno tower - lvl 8
    goblin barrel - lvl 4
    hog rider - lvl 7
    rocket - lvl 8
    goblin gang - lvl 11

    ok before you get all judgy, I was previously NOT a fan of hog rider. and my clanmates wanted it so many times. so I never got it past level 7, and at 3.9k a fireball takes off most of its health. all the other cards were okay. goblin barrel: okay I was super unlucky. whenever I pulled epics from any chest they were never goblin barrel. get this: when I started the game, it was halfway in arena 6 when I UNLOCKED the goblin barrel. and note it is available at arena 1. its my favorite deck so far but really the levels aren't as consistent as my previous.

    my previous deck is probably unusable. most of the cards in there took huge blows from the 8/11 balances. nw and dark prince switched spots. ewiz health is fragile and becoming fragile-r. and I don't even wanna talk about graveyard.

    knight is a tank. princess is the splasher. hog is the rusher and can be complemented with goblin gang or barrel. rocket is a good excuse when they have, say, a wizard at the back. or to get that clutch win. or to spell cycle in a pinch.
    Why is Supercell closing the forums? They just hate all the Hog Rider nerf threads so they close down the entire CR forum, and spoiler alert: There are no tags for a Balance Change suggestion in Reddit. Let's stay connected thru Discord, and fight for cause! And ClashOfHolmes is amazing at sigs! Too bad the forums are closing! (There are no sigs in Reddit.)

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    When you are swapping decks you need to keep in mind 2 things.

    1. The new deck should be able to phase in incrementally. Meaning replace cards one at a time. So if you don't feel the night witch has enough umph change her first and slowly add in other cards as you get them leveled up.

    2. It helps if the new cards you are leveling up are commons or rares so you can easily request them and level them up.

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    Changing decks is just fine. I feel like everyone exaggerates the cons of switching decks. Usually, as long as your cards are above tournament standard, switching decks shouldn't be a problem, and I do it all the time.

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    If you are at 3.9k, change Hog to Ice Spirit. Works better that way. You can easily break to 4k barrier with that deck.

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