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Thread: TH 9 looking for *active* friendly clan

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    Aug 2017
    Join us- we don't believe in giant wall of texts!
    Texas Rising needs you!
    we are a family friendly, adult clan that is always warring.
    use both attacks in war
    clan ID #2GYU8G2U

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    Sent you a pm
    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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    We are the clan TheSquadM9 (#UQ82LJRP) and we wish to recruit members to our clan. Anybody is welcome as long as you are English speaking and willing to make friends and help our clan to victory! Promotions are earned in this clan. We are currently building up our clan and are becoming stronger! It would be nice to see some of you to come and help us along! We have only a few members but we are very active and will have more members in future if our recruiting goes smoothly. Currently, we are acting as a feeder to our friends clan and so when members get strong enough they will be allowed into the main clan unless they want to stay in the feeder. Although you may think that we want strong members we are accepting all clash of clans players to come and join whether you are rushed or maxed! Just come and join us in game!
    I hope to see you soon!
    Best wishes, Roboboolie.

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    Hello, I am WatchOut from the clan RawrCheZ. We are a fresh clan accepting all. We expect you to be active, Polite and helpful. If you join us you will have respect. You can earn elder by donating 250 troops. You can get Co leader if you are highly trusted by me and my Co leaders.

    We invite you to join RawrCheZ

    - Watchout

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    Hi there,
    Hrithik here from the Centum Group forum team,

    It looks like you may be a good fit for Centum.
    We are a family of 12 clans, each with a different purpose, designed to maximise your potential in war and farming.

    Centum currently are the most popular clan on the Supercell forum. We are 100% FairPlay, so if you’re a hardcore farmer or warrior we have a home for you.

    Please check out our main thread to see requirement and if your interested in joining please fill out an application.

    Hope to see your application in Centum soon.

    Amazing Sig Courtesy of Reaper!

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    Right here!
    Hi there,

    We are looking for new members! We offer a friendly, mature, active and competitive environment with focus on war.
    Adult and 100% Fairplay.


    Kinnick Society (#UVRY9PV) - CWLL Participants
    Minimum requirements: TH9 20/20 Heroes

    RSN (#PCUR9P9Y) - MLCW Participants
    Minimum requirements: TH9 20/20 Heroes

    Rabid Unicorns (#JC0L922Y) - B2B wars low pressure fun clan. Hero grind focus!
    Minimum requirements: Maxed TH8

    Old Swede

    Proud member of Rabid Unicorns
    "Ever looked a unicorn in the eyes? Now add a foaming mouth. Sweet dreams, cupcake!"

    Wanna join? Apply here!

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    Lost in a mystical world where I can cook various troops to steal other people's loot
    Blood Stripe #C9PCGCG2
    Relaxed war clan in a drama free zone that is accepting non rushed TH7 thru 11 players. We are currently a level 3 clan - If we sound like a clan you have been looking for, come and check us out.

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