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Thread: Lava hounds

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    Lava hounds

    ♥♥♥!?! Why are the lava hounds I put in the castles for defense not coming out?!?!!?

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    Are you sure that the attacking troops are triggering it?
    You have to spend Elixir to make Elixir!

    Don't forget to check for CC!

    Clash on!

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    Hounds can attack only ground units, attackers are groung or air?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flashyura View Post
    Hounds can attack only ground units, attackers are groung or air?
    And further to that point, if the attacker uses air and destroys your clan castle, even when ground troops are deployed later it wont come out, as a destroyed cc doesn't deploy any troops left inside.

    So if someone sweeps your base with air first and destroys your cc full of things like pekka,golem, hound, loon (things that cant attack air troops) nothing will deploy when the person releases heros after.
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