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Thread: derby task counter

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    derby task counter

    When there is a lot of people in the derby, it can be very difficult to keep track of how many tasks are still available and to determine what place your neighborhood will finish in the derby. Maybe something like this could be added to make it easier to keep track of tasks. For this example I'm saying there are 25 neighbors in the derby and each of them have 10 available tasks.

    Tasks for this derby 250
    Completed tasks 145
    In progress tasks 12
    Expired tasks 02
    In progress tasks trashed 01
    Available tasks. 90
    This would only be shown if derby task log is shared.
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    My neighborhood does not do math to win the derby we just play. Honestly i have no idea what those numbers mean or why they have significance. So this would not be nessacary for my team. Also I think it would promote micromanagement which i don't need in derby.

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    I don't understand those numbers either....

    We just use the task log, that seems sufficient for my purposes.

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    Maybe this will help. In my example I meant the neighborhood is in the championship league and has 25 neighbors in the derby and all neighbor are supose to do 10 tasks
    So there are 250 total tasks available then you would subtract the complete tasks 145, the in progress tasks 12 , the expired tasks 02, and the in progress tasks trashed 01.
    That would leave 90 tasks still available.
    This would help in determining weather to thrash long task like goat milk, wool, strawberries, or a long production task for 320 and hope for quicker tasks like help, mine or short crop like wheat or corn for 320 or less points if time for derby is running out.

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