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Thread: Repeated appeal for Halloween deco

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    Repeated appeal for Halloween deco

    Okay, it's still summer and Halloween is still far away, but....

    As we still get the same deco's as 3 years ago i would like the design team to develop new deco

    * Witch flying on dark sky
    * Ranch for a few days changing in creepy building with lightning all over
    * Witch standing next to bubbling kettle/cauldron making something. Would be nice if something came out
    * Pumpkins may stay
    * Sometimes a bat changes in a vampire visitor which asks you for tomatojuice
    * Maybe lightning strucks while a professor is busy rebuilding a body?

    Just some thoughts.... Maybe Fester should be nice too
    What are your thoughts?

    PS.... a pumpkin soup / pumpkin cake event would be nice Or a grow as much pumpkin as you can
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    Agreed. If nothing else at least new simple decorations. I have same ole scary trees for years
    love the pumpkin themed idea for Halloween and it would even work with thanksgiving.

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    I love the idea of new Halloween decos!

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    Ooooh yesyesyes

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    Please, can we have the "shepherd's crook" wrought iron lamp with the candle? You've got the graphics! For the past two years, it has been used in the media announcements for Halloween, and the candle lantern part is on the special deco umbrella table!

    I love the Halloween-specific decorations and would love to have something(s) new and wonderful this year like the pig with the skeleton puppet and the "Audrey" carnivorous plant. However, what I'm really hoping for are some fall-type decor items to support those special holiday ones; some items that I can happily leave up around the farm until the snow flies. There have been plenty of threads about them in the past, and I hope SC will include some this year with the fall theme.

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