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Thread: [GFX Shop] The REAPER

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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonX101 View Post

    Thanks! I really like it! Worth every pentasecond waiting for this design. I was so hyped up waiting for it and it did not dissappoint.
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    Look at links under signature! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
    Quote Originally Posted by Daisycloud View Post

    *Render: something cool/scary
    *Text: DaisyCloud
    *Main Colors: Halloween colors
    *Rectangular or Rounded corners: rounded corners please
    Specific Details?: I simply want a really cool looking Halloween themed siggy. I love your work and I would be very happy if you could make one for me.
    Will do!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodgey View Post
    Thanks! I really like it! Worth every pentasecond waiting for this design. I was so hyped up waiting for it and it did not dissappoint.
    Glad you like it!

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    Out of curiosity, I’m going to keep typing just to see if this has a limit... nothing so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by DragonX101 View Post

    1000 posts = “Banned” title
    1001 posts = “Just Kidding” title

    But it matches him
    You should’ve have
    Click on the picture to find out more

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    you can find me reading a book at the end of the rainbow
    Quote Originally Posted by DragonX101 View Post
    Will do!

    Glad you like it!
    yay! I look forward to it! ♡

    {siggy by Lil Angel}

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    This thread

    Signature request form

    Surprise me

    Credit for sig: ShadowVIIKing
    Credit for avatar: DragonX101
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    I'd really like to have nice signature and as I see You're really good at it. I hope that You will have some time to make signature for me.
    Render: Argus (from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)
    Main colors: I prefer dark colors, You're the best at it so please choose The best ones.
    Rounded corners please.
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    Signature request form

    Sonic + Shadow + Infinite ( 3 characters from Sonic Forces game )
    *Text: HoomanSA7
    *Main Colors:
    my favorite colours are yellow and red but your choice , what ever fits better
    *Rectangular or Rounded corners: Rounded corner

    Specific Details?: i know 3 renders are a bit much , but really love these 3 , would be awesome if this can heppen . i want them in their angry/serious forms or maybe when they have evil laugh or etc . what i mean is i want kinda dark signature not happy laughing one

    Thank you very much , i know it might take much time , no rush at all , i trust your skills so whenever it takes , it's ok .

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