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    I'm an Aussie in the AEST zone.
    Will the builder bases AI be tweaked to be made much more reliable? Right now the AI is the 1 thing keeping me from really raiding in the BB, it just feels to unpredictable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandbuzz View Post
    My question in last 3 years:
    " What is the 3* rate in max th11 wars?"

    Description: firstly I'm 100% sure sc don't have any stats about number of 3* in wars because I asked it for 3 years and no answer from sc.
    So if you really have stats you can reveal it and it will not violate any privacy.
    For example I asked number of 3* against all max th11 in all wars.
    Max th11 = 109k weight.
    This answer is a simple number.
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    Are you considering adding time for attacks? 3 minutes is not enough time for multi phase attacks, particularly at higher townhall levels.
    Most attacks I see and use therefore limited multi phase attacks or spam attacks.

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    Someone else asked this in another way. They asked for a tab for FC only troops that can't be donated or used to attack with in war or multiplayer.

    I call it a virtual of a phantom army for FC. I don't care about the mechanics. But, another tab would probably work well.

    Is there any hope that SC will allow us to use any army we wish to for FC without having to cook it? I don't care about the cook times, make us wait if you wish. But, I would really like to be able to try different troops than what I normally attack with.

    I have a weakness and it's hogs. I would like to be able to FC using hogs without having to use them for my attacks. I hope that is clear. My in game name is the same as my forum name. Stormheart.

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    Not sure if Onyx has gotten around to asking this yet, so I'll go ahead and do so just to make sure it's out there:

    Would the Dev's consider adding the ability to re-hit war opponents (after war is over, of course) to the friendly challenge function?

    This would be tremendously helpful and I suspect used way more than the current friendly challenge feature. For mixed TH clans (like mine), we only have a couple th11s. If they're not online, I can't really use the FC feature because curb-stomping my th9 mates over and over again doesn't teach me (or them) anything! Instead, I could practice by rehitting the th11s and top TH10s from our last war, maybe try that fancy QW/lavaloon attack I didn't throw at it because it was too risky and we needed the 2*s.

    Furthermore, I could use this feature to teach newer players and lower TH level mates different strategies and tactics by offering advice (or even showing them myself) and then let them hit the base they failed on in war again and again as practice. That's far more useful to them than tossing up a 13% 0* against my, essentially, max level th11 as a th8 or 9 learning hogs or how to queenwalk.

    Overall it would just be an amazing addition to the friendly challenge feature that would let players hone their skills and teach fellow clan mates how to better play this game. It might keep some frustrated th8/9 players around too if they have a more viable means of learning and getting better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fette View Post
    Is 'jog' in AppStore or google play? I don't seem to find it.
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    What makes you guys decide that a new troop is needed? What would be the criteria to introduce a new character into the game?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BbaBaba123 View Post
    Eh.... maybe at first, but it would just lose novelty after a while. Not to mention chance of encountering a clan that speaks the same language or that can understand you isn't likely, despite the likelihood of the languages in the world such as English, Spanish or French, etc.

    So it would be a waste.
    O true good pt. Didnt think about that lol. Still think it would b a great feature to have to put a lil twist to war scene.

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    How or what do I have to do to have a private server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandbuzz View Post
    Thanks for your answer and i appreciate it.
    I reached this point of hate because in last 3 years sc did not listen to what we wanted.
    Even not a simple clashcaller tool for war players.
    At this point and today i dont want anything from sc.
    I play the game because of war and sc still did not touch it for now.
    And I never go to helsinki even if sc offer me a free trip + 10,000 USD.
    money is not everything for me. i play the game to enjoy and i still love wars.
    Thanks for such a mild and mature response too.
    I understand the frustration, we all face it together, but it cant be real hate, surely? Generally when you hate something you dont have anything to do with it.
    Im surprised you enjoy war so much, thats another big sore spot for many, myself included, but hey, it's the one thing keeping you around so not all is too bad.

    I find it hard to imagine someone could be so entrenched on principle over a game people play on the toilet to turn down such an amazing offer (and then go further to emphasise the point of adding more) (well not turn down the offer as it wasn't actually extended to you, but to say you would given the chance)
    its not exactly a life or death situation or a matter of extreme principle at play, it's simply a dislike for a certain aspect of the game, but if thats your view and feelings, so be it.

    Too true money is not everything.

    glad you enjoy your wars. I think i need to learn what your secret to enjoying them is haha.
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    I have a question when I see a offensive words in chat I report them but still no action is taken against the player next day he is there speaking ♥♥♥♥ about me or any other player so is supercell gonna take some serious action on them or just a 1 or 2 day ban also from global chat not the game. Right?

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