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    One more question (since the cloud/PvP thing was all on a similar line).

    Lots of complaints and ideas surrounding th10 def heavy balance.

    Any chance of the CC upgrade for extra spell slot coming to th10?
    I see that as small but highly useful bump to attack power.

    Would make next to no difference in a poor attack, but could dramatically increase 3* chances for quality attacks.

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    Looking ahead to when we have yet more Town Hall levels with yet more weapons, walls, etc, do the devs expect to retain the existing 3 minute attack time, or will they consider increasing time available proportionate to level of Town Hall?

    similarly for the Builder Base, will the devs consider additional attack time as the further BH levels are released?

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    Closing the thread so we can start parsing through your awesome questions. Thank you everyone for your submissions. We'll be recording the Q&A on Friday with a guest host. It'll take about a week (maybe longer) for post-production to finish editing the video, etc. for sound, color correction, and putting it all together professionally.
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