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    Banned For Nothing!


    I would like to ask what I should do about being banned, especially for no reason. Basically, I was in a clan the other day and I invited a friend to join. He started trolling and then he started an argument in the clan chat which resulted me in the other player getting kicked. He then proceeded to make his own clan where he was spamming me with invites to join. I just let him be a jerk and I just tried to come online an hour ago and I was banned for inappropriate language like what the hell. I honestly did not swear at him in the clan unless you count the word 'jerk' as a swear word. We've had pretty bad arguments on Instagram like today where we both swore so if I've been banned for something on another website I'll be sure to leave a negative review on the App Store.

    I've actually reported this player and his brother many times before in the past and they received nopunishment even though they were racist. Eventually they received a ban then got 500 gems as they were 'falsely banned' when I had tons of screenshots.

    Does anyone know what I can do now? If a Supercell Staff Member is reading this you should do something about this otherwise I won't be spending money on your game no more.

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    Probably at work not working clearly. Doh!
    There is nothing anybody here on the forums can do to assist you. Also discussing disciplinary actions on the forums is not allowed.

    Contact SC directly through the relevant channels and try to resolve your issue with them.

    Good luck.

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    Hope He didn't edit your comment in photoshop before sending it to support.

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    King, My sympathies and I can see the frustration in your font but bans are not to be discussed here I'm afraid. Feel free to PM is there is more you need to discuss privately but the forums can't help with any bans and in clan bans for swearing if reported are very real I'm afraid and as non-negotiable as modding bans.

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