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    Exclamation *Read This First*--Recruitment Rules & Merging Guidelines

    Recruitment Rules

    To keep things fair for all neighborhoods trying to recruit and in accordance with the forum rules, we have the following rules:

    *Each neighborhood is allowed one recruitment thread only.

    *This single recruitment thread can be bumped once a day only, as in every 24 hours (and not more than once a day/24 hours).

    *When your one recruitment thread has been created, you must wait 24 hours to "bump" the thread, in accordance with the rules.

    These rules are in accordance with rule #4 of the forum rules:

    4. Multiple or repeated posting of the same thread or topic is not allowed. If a thread or reply has been trashed or closed, you should not post the same thread again. "Bumping" a thread is also prohibited. There is a single exception to allow you to bump your sole recruitment thread at most once per day. This means 24 hours must have elapsed since the last post in the thread before it may be bumped.

    Title Changes

    It is a good idea to use a title that does not require changing often. However, if you need your recruitment thread title changed, please PM a moderator. Include a link to the thread.


    If multiple neighbors will be bumping the recruitment thread, you will need to co-ordinate as to who will bump the recruitment thread when, so as to keep in line with the one-bump-per-day rule.

    Please check with the other members of your NH before creating a recruitment thread. There might already be a thread for your NH.

    Please avoid having conversations in your NH recruitment thread, as it will bump the thread each time a post is made and can be considered a violation of the rules. Please private message instead.

    Merging Guidelines

    If you are a NH looking for a NH to merge into your NH

    Please post in NH Recruitment in your one NH recruitment thread and say something to reflect the fact you are willing to have a smaller NH merge to yours. Mention how many spaces you have in your NH.

    If you are a NH who wants to merge to another NH

    Please post in I Am Looking for a NH and mention how many people are looking to merge.

    Questions? Please PM a mod. Mods are listed under group 2 here:


    New to the forum and can't find how/where to post?

    You need to probably confirm your email address. Try that and if that does not work, PM me or another moderator.
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