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Thread: What league should I be in?

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    What league should I be in?

    I am currently a new TH8 trying to farm. I am in Gold I. Would a higher league make it easier to farm? I have never had to farm before. I can easily reach Crystal III.
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    As you get go higher up in trophies, you will be attacked by other trophy pushers. These people only care about trophies, and will use the strongest army possible so that they can win more battles, and go up. If you are trying to farm in a higher league, you will get hit my stronger armies, which will make it harder for you to retain large amounts of loot.

    I personally would stay right where you are, maybe even drop to Gold II if you feel like it.
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    Gold 2... I am getting multiple 500k plus raid a day
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    Depends on what resource you want to farm. There are a lot of dead bases in Silver with lots of gold and elixer. But if u want the DE, u should push to crystal. My personal opinion is farm in silver or gold till u have a base thats strong enough so that u wont get 3 starred everytime you go on defense.

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    I suggest staying between 1800-1900 range in G1 for gold and elixir as this is personally full of dead bases for me as a TH8.
    If you want DE, go as high as you can...

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