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Thread: Returning from a long break

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    Returning from a long break

    Hey, so I'm a newish town hall 9, coming back after a break, I was just wondering on how to advance further, if there are any changes, should I place down the xbows? right now I'm not in any clan so I have some time till I get back into clan wars, upgrade order for the lab? Already maxed valks since they were pretty good back then in clan wars dunno how they are now.

    Which army comp should I use for farming? having trouble keeping up the elixir. And what TH9 army comps are used in clan wars these days?

    I've attached screenshots to my base and profile, any advice on what to prioritize would be great
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    Absolutely get those xbows! You have a sold th 9 already so get those xbows and everything new! Don't worry about your walls until your defenses are done and if you trophy push use lavaloonion.

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    I would suggest waiting till your royals are 10, 10 for dropping the xbows.
    Lvl2 at 15, 15 and Lvl3 at 20, 20.

    For farming, Valk Tornado works great and for pushing, I would vote for Laloon or Golaloon or Gobolaloon.

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    If you are in war a lot I suggest to keep your war weight low. It helps with matching up against lower level bases in war. So focus on only spending gold on teslas, and walls since they are the lowest weight, xbows last.

    So primarily focus on elixir upgrades first (Spell factory, Lab are immediate with army camps after that).

    Then do troop upgrades I suggest pushing loons to lvl 6 if you haven't and upgrading lava hounds immediately since QuadLalo seems to be the meta at th9 (3 hounds + 1 in cc, 22 loons, 10 minion, 4 rage spells, 2 poisons)

    Hope this helps!

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