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    How do you get back to your base builder account if you delete the account and decided to join back? Using the same email and password did not work.

    Apparently the email says this:
    Goodbye, Hasta La Vista, Bon Voyage, Auf Wiedersehen!
    It's really sad to see you go commander, but all things has to come to an end. If you ever change your mind you can always come back and start building again, The Blackguard is always on the lookout for new talented builders! No hard feelings.

    But what does come back means? Like how to get back to your account?
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    Probably means come back and start a new. After all you deleted the original account.

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    Bak asked rlight - and the short answer is, "You deleted the account and the username has now been marked as 'Used' - please start afresh"

    So my best guess is that you have to start over sad to say.
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