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Thread: i need talk to one administrator please

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    But the player has already been in my neighborhood, left the middle of the race, harmed and is chasing me. I already spoke with the support of the game and did nothing. I blocked the player but it did not work. The block should work and the player no longer had access to my farm. I think this player must be crazy or will be doing this. But I believe it's a matter of time and I can get rid of it.

    Now when I put articles in my store I post ads for other players to buy instead of the chasing player. That's why I play now because some people are mean. It's just a game that serves to distract me nothing more.
    But this situation is boring.
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    even if they are blocked they can still visit thru chat? Even old chats? Oh. That's interesting.

    Only option would be to start a new NH or she will get bored and wander off. Hopefully she will join a new hood herself and that way you will be in the clear. Good luck

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    The player does not visit the chat, she communicates through the nick. Change the name writes the message and goes to buy it in my store that's how I see it. I'll wait a while without putting things up for sale. It could be that the player gets tired and gives up. I'm on level 124 I will not give up. I will luatr for what I have won.

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    Today there was this new annoucement by supercell about clean gaming. Bullying or general harassing was included in it. Maybe you should submit your complaint and photos again
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    Finally my problem was solved. I think the player has lost my trail and now I can play in peace. Thank you to everyone who helped and answered my doubts. Good game at all. Thank you soo much for the help.

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    Oh good! It must be nice to be able to play in peace again!

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    Yes it is a relief to play in peace finally. Thank my god. I believed with hope that I would have peace again. After that I learned the lesson, I will always play alone in my NH. So I guarantee my game quiet. I'm really happy in my happy end.

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