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Thread: What is the best troop composition in clan castle.

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    What is the best troop composition in clan castle.

    What the best troop to put in cc to counter mass dragon at th7.

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    There really isn't. You have the following options to try and counter mass dragons, none of which is ideal
    Baby Dragon, 2 Wiz, 2 Arch
    5 Wizards
    10 minions
    20 archers
    Witch and 2 Wiz

    All will pretty much be roasted by the enemies dragons.

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    A max dragon or 2 max baby dragons can burn down Enemy dragons

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    Here are some good ones-
    1 witch, 2 wizards | 1 dragon | 1 baby dragon, 2 wizards, 2 archers

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    Max drag or wiz. Valk and wiz might work, but probably not.

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    There is really nothing, you're a th7 you are going to get burned most of the time anyway unless they mess up pretty badly.

    I suggest 1 baby drag and 10 archer, a poison spell will crush but if they don't have one the archers can do a good job distracting the dragons as your baby drag does some work

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