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Thread: Base making advice needed!

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    Base making advice needed!

    In my clan we frown on copying bases online. Most of us make our own but I have a problem with that. The best bases always look odd and, to me, have no order. Still they are always the harder bases. They are designed to be difficult to plan out an attack on and sadly I can't think that way. I have to make my base where it looks nice. Not because of ocd or because I want it to "look cool", but because that's the only way I know how.

    If anyone could give me some tips on anti-drag or anti-3 star bases that would be awesome.

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    When defending against dragons, you want to have high hp buildings in range of your air defenses. 3 seems to be the right number. Having the ranges overlap helps as well.

    Place your wizard towers in spots where they are not the first target of balloons, but still can shoot balloons coming into the first layer.

    The only other three star strategy you have to worry about is hogs either in a hass hog, GoHo, or GoVaHo. Spread your giant bombs out around your base, and make it so that one heal can't cover multiple giant bombs. Consider hog patching as well. Remember that the bomb tower can be used as a giant bomb!

    Don't use double giant bombs, as they don't kill hogs unless there are 2 small bombs included as well. When you include 2 giant bombs and 2 little bombs together, it often looks obvious, and makes a nice place to enter a killsquad into. They also have a high chance of not triggering correctly.

    A strategy such as GoWiPe or spammed valks will get 2 stars the majority of the time, and will only get 3 if lucky, so don't worry about it.

    Good luck!
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    That's exactly the point of using asymmetrical bases, it looks weird and ugly to the untrained eye(overtime, it will look much more beautiful than symmetrical ones though, look out for that). A fairly easy starting point is to try using irregular shaped compartments, with a peculiar compartment connected to a fairly simple one and so on. The wall structure is a key element to make it look unorganized.

    Anti-drag features are pretty basic, look up Kyoukai, pretty much has full detail about anti-drag mechanics.

    Anti-3 on the other hand are pretty much impossible to do at the game's current state. TH8 and 9 are way too easy now, unless against inexperienced attackers. Look up bases such as the Throne of God, Rorke's Drift and Interesante. Information alone isn't enough, you need to find bases that exhibits these features and try to modify them at first and it sinks in pretty quickly; it's just a matter of time before you get the hang of it and create original bases from scratch.

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    This is a one year old base building concept guide but still so good for basics
    [STRATEGY] TH8 War Base Design Guide 2016

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    Thanks for the advice guys

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