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Thread: ✨Once Upon A Derby✨ Looking for derby lovers

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    Bump! Looking for independent, derby loving Farmers to join us! We place TOP 3 every week since we opened 🏆✨✨✨ we have a really good team 😊🌸

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    Going strong, will finish first or second place again😂 we place weekly coz we love derby, if ur looking for an adult team to place with, read our rules as come on by the team will brief u on the rest if ur not clear 😊 they are a great bunch of derby lovers who know what being a team player mean🌸

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    Thx dear for bumping. Yes we got gold again this week

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    Quote Originally Posted by XiauYun View Post
    Thx dear for bumping. Yes we got gold again this week

    Woohoo!! U guys are on a serious roll! Team work makes the dream work!!✨✨✨🌸🌸🌼

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    Another gold!! Excellent team work, everyone did a 10th to safeguard first place.

    Game opted in an opted out member and she was so awesome, came on and finished all her tasks!!

    It is a hood for responsible winning adults, if u play the same come on by the team is well oiled, and playing to win.

    We dont always do a 10th but if we need to we all do it!!😊 TEAM WORK

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    Another gold 😊 thats how we do it here, we dont always take a 10th task but if its needed u have to step up and also bear that in mind for your time line/management.

    We run well, pple are polite and team players. We are not the chattiest as all have Super busy lives, but love hay day ❤️

    You need to love derby to enjoy playing here, and in return we give you a strong, reliable team of self sufficient neighbours.

    We are not fancy, we are simple, direct and fuss free. Just read the rules and be willing to run as a team player ✨✨✨

    See you after derby

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