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Thread: ✨Once Upon A Derby✨ Looking for derby lovers

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    How is your derby going? This week we are playing 312+x 9 task no 10th allowed, gonna try n place with this so that we are in good standing for our gold run next week!

    Join us for our gold run next week 312x 10 if u want a little challenge 🤗🤗

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    For this week derby we had 18 opted in, with a total of 51711 for all 9 tasks completed, which makes it an average of 319.2 per task per person! And I think that's just awesome stats for a 13 week old hood. I'm proud of my team for the players that they are n love them all the more for the way they help each other as team mates 😍 This week I had a hold on 10th coz the competition keeps getting crazier so we wanted to drop away from hoods who keep doing 10 prior to our gold run. We will prob place 4/ 5 th this week

    next week we are doing a gold run and playing 315 x 10 ✨✨

    Come on by if u think u love derby like we do😊🌸
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    Our gold derby is going well nearly more then half will post perfect 3200 scores! That's the kind of players u will meet here! 😍😍🌸

    The faster players give up fast tasks for their slower team mates, taking on Longer/ harder last tasks👍 I could not ask for better team mates 💖💖

    If u think u love derby and are looking for a considerate hood to play at, come on by 🤗🌸
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    We just finished the task for our gold run this week aim was 315+ x 10. We had 18 opted in this week, 13 posted perfect 3200, the average per player per task worked out to 319.76 thats how awesome they all.😍😍😍

    There is real team spirit n the want to make the hood a stronger team. If u are a strong player and want to keep good company. Come on by after derby 😊

    Ps gold run are once a month. We dont have to play like this every week though most do 😂
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    How is ur derby bingo going? It seems pretty impossible for us to get enough wool n tea task to finish the easiest row... maybe its not in our bingo cards😂 but we should still easily place in derby😊🌸✨✨

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    Ok so we are hunting for our last wool task to complete a line of bingo coz 2nd/ 3rd place looks safely in the bag. It took a lot of communication n team work to get it done 😅 if ur communicative n a team player, come on by we will have 2 spots open after derby 😊🌸

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    Well we managed gold n a single line of bingo for 23 opted into derby. We really run as a team to make it happen. If u are a team player, come on by 😊🌸🏆
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    This is a great team oriented hood! Great job on 1st place.
    Hood: Miss Behaving Tag#88vpc8rq

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissBehaving View Post
    This is a great team oriented hood! Great job on 1st place.
    Aww thank u Donna 😊 u are so sweet 🌸

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    Have u ever seen so many pumpkins 🎃🎃👻👻 how is ur Halloween derby going? If u love derby enough to keep planting pumpkins coz they are bringing in the high points, you will be in good company and flooded by pumpkins together 😂😂

    Come on by after derby we have spaces available for derby crazies 😘🌸

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