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    You can use 'Clash BasePedia ' app

    android :
    ios :

    You can search map/base layouts links with images and filter on
    - main townhall levels ( TH12 - TH5 ) and builder bases
    - base designs tags like : War base, Farm base, Hybrid base, Island base, Trophy base, CWL , Legend League base, Ring base, Fun base
    - or defense function tags like : Anti Queen-walk, Anti 2 stars, Anti 3 stars, Anti E-Drag, Anti bat, Anti air, Anti ground, Anti Peka smash

    - download the base layout link and copy the layout directly in game
    - search in more then 2000 base layouts
    - give ratings to other maps layouts
    - bookmark and save you own list of base/map layouts
    - comment and discuss with other players on each map layout
    - upload and manage your bases layouts in the app and have it saved there for future use
    - share any base with other clashers on social media
    'Clash BasePedia' is a layout sharing community for Clash Of Clans layout links
    android :
    ios :

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    Yes this helped alot I was wondering were you could get a good TH 11 base design.

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