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    How to make

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    I searched for every thread with the prefix [Town Hall 11] in the base design forum and it only gives me 16 results total (even less with keywords)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unukalhai View Post
    I searched for every thread with the prefix [Town Hall 11] in the base design forum and it only gives me 16 results total (even less with keywords)?
    There is one big reason for that, we don't have any th11 base builders.
    Back when th11 released most of the base designers on the forum were either th9 or 10. Lots of them stopped playing or making bases and those who didn't aren't th11 yet.

    If you're looking for th11 bases, it might be better to search in content creation or youtube. I don't like to say this but the forums don't have anything to offer other than some 'outdated' th9 war bases

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    highkey appreciate this thread

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    Thanks for that, Iím a new TH8

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    New Game update

    But the effect is worth so far

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    Ty for helping! Will try that method.

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    Anyone know how to make a supercell ID? Trying to recover village but when it sends the verification code to my supercell email it says their is not a supercell ID active on this email address... I just want to clash again and join a active clan, any advice.

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    Press search now and if needed pass the human verification test. this will show up:
    you'll find around 20 search results: some of them are actual bases but the majority of them are base requests (which explains why the BD101 vets are tired of these posts)

    You either click on one of the base threads and search for a .5 variant in the thread or click on another request thread and check out the answers in that thread, cause most of us will keep giving the same answer over and over and over again ( or trolls like me who say that you should use the search bar)

    I hope this thread was helpful and will be used. I also hope this thread will end the flood of base request threads as well as the troll answers on these threads.
    Thanks mate this is great guide, but I kind of agree that search bar doesnt always work the way we would like it to even if we mess with settings a lot.

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    I installed this app is very good, home village and builder base layout links, easy and fast.


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