Have you thought about implementing daily tasks?
Yes! And we probably* will be adding something along these lines with the next update - if all goes to plan! Also, as an FYI, now that most of the team are back in the office from our Summer vacations, we're aiming for early October to release the next update. Don't worry, it'll be worth the wait!

Will there be a way to implement adding friends or people you battled with or against via in game through app not through an outside link?
Again, probably*! It's something we talked about when we were doing the first version of the friends invite system, but at that time we decided to just go with the external links. However, for this next update we're looking at the feature again and will probably* be adding more ways to invite friends to your in-game friends list.

Will you add some new exciting game modes like bracket tournaments?
We're playtesting a really cool new game mode at the moment and it's currently looking like it'll be in the next update! More on this at a later date though... This isn't a bracketed tournament system, but we do talk about that a lot! Short story: no plans for bracketed tournaments with the next update. Longer story: there might* be bracketed tournaments at some point down the line. We think it'd be a good addition, but haven't set our eyes on making it happen yet*.

What is your stance on 'leaks' of unreleased cards?
We don't love them, but we understand that they're ultimately our fault, so we need to do better! With the tech we currently have, we can't release new cards without a full client update, meaning we need to put a batch of cards in the build with each new client update - even if we don't plan on releasing them for a few months. We're talking/thinking about ways to improve this at the moment, but aren't sure whether it'll make the next update or not. Ideally, we'd only announce and release one card at a time, so each new card can be a real surprise!

Will we get a 2v2 leaderboard with separate trophies, leagues and chests?
We don't have any plans to add a leaderboard/trophies to 2v2 at the moment, but it's not ruled out. The main thing holding us back is that we love the stress-free nature of 2v2 and the break from "ladder anxiety" it gives. Adding a leaderboard/trophies would inevitably take that away, to some extent at least. However, that doesn't mean we're against doing it, because adding a leaderboard/trophies also adds excitement and enjoyment (for some players) in other areas: the sense of competitiveness. There are pros and cons to it and it's not something we've decided on yet.

Are you planning on making tournaments better and worth doing again, if so, what are some things you have thought about doing to make them a viable thing to do again?
We definitely want to make them better! We have several ideas - and recently watched CWA's video on the subject which had a bunch of good ideas, too - but we haven't tested and proven them yet. This is mainly why we've been pushing it to the back burner (also because other features have taken priority each update). However, based on talks we've been having recently, it's possible* that we'll bring some improvements to custom tournaments after the next update (so not in our October update, but perhaps* in our December update).

* Please take this with a pinch of salt! Sometimes really cool stuff still doesn't make it into an update for various reasons - technical hurdles can crop up or other features require more attention and prioritization at the time.