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    Thx for the 2v2 it's beautiful 😭😄

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    If you do implement a bracket for 2v2, i would love it if you could keep the non-bracket mode as well. 2v2 keeps me coming back and playing when i dont want to worry about my bracket score at all. When i dont have the non bracket option, i feel myself logging on much less. All this said, 2v2 is fantastic!
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    I had a few suggestions to improve the 2v2 or tweeking it slightly. A 3v3 game would be chaotic quick thinking would win out similar to the sudden death challenge. Or a Battle Royale where 3 teammates enter battle and if your tower is taken the players is no longer a participant in the match, therefore it would become a handicap match after the first tower was lost.

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    Questions we would love to se, but won't

    1) are would aware 2x2 matches widely unfaiir teams with each other? When 2lv 9 got matched with 2lv12, why not split the teams evenly?

    2) do you even have someone that read the forums and report issues that keep popping up, so you can eventually address them, or you don't care at all?

    3) do you plan to communicate better, listening to the community concerns about new cards and known problems with old ones?

    4) will you actually do anything to provide a Cleaner environment and address BM and other disruptive behaviours, or the safe play video and policy are just for show and look good?

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    How do i deal with the new absurd outrageous mega knight card!!!!😬😬😬🔫🔫🔫

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    If card is belowe turnament standard why if you playing tournament it stay on the same level ,but when card is abowe turnamrnt lvl cards lvl fall to standard???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim[Supercell] View Post
    Will we get a 2v2 leaderboard with separate trophies, leagues and chests?
    We don't have any plans to add a leaderboard/trophies to 2v2 at the moment, but it's not ruled out. The main thing holding us back is that we love the stress-free nature of 2v2 and the break from "ladder anxiety" it gives. Adding a leaderboard/trophies would inevitably take that away, to some extent at least. However, that doesn't mean we're against doing it, because adding a leaderboard/trophies also adds excitement and enjoyment (for some players) in other areas: the sense of competitiveness. There are pros and cons to it and it's not something we've decided on yet.
    Here's a suggestion since the "ladder anxiety" answer seems to come up a lot. Why not add a play mode (for 1v1 as well as 2v2) that isn't ranked. Meaning you don't gain or lose trophies (you can decide to allow gold and chest rewards or not, like 2v2 currently provides even though it doesn't affect your trophies). This way people could play 1v1 or 2v2 without that "anxiety" or they could play either mode in a competitive fashion. Seems like a pretty simple and straight forward solution that would make everyone happy.

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    soon coming

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