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    You can add some 2v2 tournaments like those challenges

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    Likely made a loss during 2v2 play.. which is too stress free.. trying sell legendary again..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KronosWolf View Post
    Loved the stress free 2v2! I just wish there is something to be done to those whose battle partner decides to leave in the middle of a battle or just sit there and do nothing. Not fair to the other person on the team.
    I think it should take their deck and have a bot trainer play them alongside you when a teammate drops out.

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    They must be making a loss after 2v2.. too stress free.. and now selling legendary again..

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    Log bait is buffed ;)
    Hm 10nices


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    Thanks SUPERCELL for not denying 2 v 2 ladder.

    Your answers are greats TIM. It gaved me hope to win more battles.

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    Yes!!!!!!!!! This should be a fun update.

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    Will yall make 2v2 permanent? From what i saw alot of people really enjoyed it.

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    Fantastic responses! Looking forward to quests and new game modes.
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    Good answers, I'm kind of already hyped for the new update!! .

    And for 2v2, fantastic game mode, love it!!

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