Mature English (#2UGOPLLY) is looking for a few active adult clashers from North American time zones for war.

We are a lvl 11 continuous war clan that has a revamped war team. We are getting back to winning 80% of our wars after a change in our war management. Are you an adult who is young at heart? Do you enjoy continuous wars without the drama of children? Do you want to be in a clan with personality. One that has active donation and clan chat? Check out the donation numbers. We are very active. We are NOT part of a consortium of feeder clans. You will not be lost in a system? Do you want to be part of a good adult team that has fun warring all the time? Did I strike a chord with you?

We are 40 ish strong and we are looking for th 8-10 members in North American time zones to fill out our war team. Our war bases are always filled, and we have perfect war attendance almost all of the time. We are not perfect, nor are we elite. We aim to improve our war team gradually in order to grow and to get to that state. We take war seriously, but we jab and have fun in the game. Do you want to war and enjoy engaging conversation in clan chat as we team around a common goal? If so, we are for you.
Guidelines for TH 8/10

Th 8 members coming in should be active and working to progress. If you are active and have troop levels/ defense that are th 7 max, we will take you. We will feed you with donations to progress your accounts. We want you to ask for donations. We want you be active. Get the idea?
TH 9 need combined heroes of 25.
TH 10 need combined heroes of 45.
Please only 18+ in the clan
Our wars start at approximately 5-6 EST (Eastern Standard Time) ( 10-11PM GMT).
War requirements: TH 8 need to attack within first 3 hours of war start to clear path for our 9ís to begin attacking. If you can not attack within these parameters as a TH8, this is probably not going to work. If you are a TH 9, you will need hero totals at a minimum of 25.
Opt out of wars when you do not wish to attack. If you are in a war, we expect 2 attacks.
Join us and get ready to have fun. Ask for ACE.