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Thread: Dachshund lovers wanted for friendly, fun gameplay in Dapple Dachshund Junction!

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    We have room for you, and a couple of friends, too!
    Or a baby farm, perhaps?
    Still in the champion's league this week!
    Come help us bring home the gold trophy!

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    bump bump bump

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    bumping it up like a bossy dachshund

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    Ready for this week's derby in a new hood? Come on over, we have room for you!

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    A little bump up

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    Come on over and play with us! East coast early birds, west coast night owls, and more!

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    Awwww what a cute idea

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    We're looking for some active players right now! All we ask is that if you opt into the derby, please finish at least one task. Currently we are in the expert league. We have 29 trophies in the expert league, 9 in the pro, 5 in the novice, and one in the rookie. Hope to see you down on the farm! We have room for 6 new farmers right now : )

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