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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirch3b21 View Post
    Most important to have even matchups is the th11s, then th10s, th9s and lower are gimmes anyway so those can be somewhat off. Most wars come down to one th11 attack or on th11 base nowadays. It's lame
    Yes, the most valuable player in the game today is a TH11 who can 3 star other near-max to max TH11s. There is no comparison between engineered clans and CWL champ. They play different games at different levels. There may be other non-English clans who are better than CWL, but were never openly promoted by SC.

    I think the goal of matchmaking isn't to take away people's choice of play style. They just have to make sure all matches are as competitive as possible. AI with machine learning is the key to make this possible if SC would invest in upgrading their technology.
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    Well, I don't see how this will change anything for my clan. We engineer and we already match against other engineers 90% of the time.

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    not all heroes wear capes

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    Helsinki, Finland should be decimated by nuclear bombs.
    Any clans that say "fair play clan" in their description, yet have engineered bases in war, should be perma-banned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Onetoomany View Post
    Well, I don't see how this will change anything for my clan. We engineer and we already match against other engineers 90% of the time.
    Same for us, except we don't engineer and rarely face such. Will confess to never having long win streaks, though.

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    Finally seems promising in COC, lets see how it's gonna be implemented and will it work as SC intend. Finger crossed
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    Darian, can you please promise us this.

    That a clan with NO engineers what-so-ever doesn't get matched against engineered clans?

    Like Max-TH9 non-engineered clan getting matched against a clan with one or two TH10/11 engineered players at the bottom? There's absolutely no fun in such wars. Please let us know, thanks. Will make a lot of people happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Without going into the number crunching details, this is a good summary of the goal of this improvement.
    How will your devs prevent the smaller search pools leading to larger mismatches? Increased search time?
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    Dear engineers,

    How are we gonna abuse this new MM system?

    Your fellow engineer,

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    Wow, this is a lot of chatter over nothing. Darian gave absolutely zero info on how the new n improved MM will work.

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